Last words

Its funny how life works out sometimes, feeling stuck in a rut or like you can’t get anywhere, like everything you do never works out and things are just not fair. For a long time when I was younger, I didn’t think life was very fair at all. There are periods in my life, that I didn’t get much say in what happened, situations which I had no control over the outcome. As you grow you do, you have choices that will affect the outcome of your life. You can blame and remain the same or take ownership and make it great.
I have a wife and 3 kids who are my world and my best friends. I have a big dog and a little dog and a cat that thinks he is a dog.
I’m currently working Underground in a Gold Mine and have worked in this industry for several years, I enjoy my work and love a challenge. My work is Dealing with people, getting the best I can out of every situation.
My wife not to long ago asked me what I would like to happen to me if were to pass, its something that we had never spoken about and never really thought off, when I started thinking about it, I got really upset because there are so many more journeys and experiences I want to have with my kids and partner. So I wrote a rough copy if anything were to happen, here it is.
If I was to Die Today what would I like to say?                                                                             March 2019
To my Wife thanks for all the love you gave me you made me the luckiest man in the world. If I were to die today I know my wife and kids know that I love them unconditionally and want them to be happy and never give up, to smile when they think of me because I will be smiling at them and with them always, they will never be alone because I will be in there heart as they are in mine forever. I will be with them in all their triumphs and all there falls as they get back up and try again that is the only way to learn and be happy. If you want to be better at anything you must train and learn if you fall and get back up that is not a fail that is a lesson of the winners. Know that you may not succeed in everything but if you keep trying you are a winner and always will be in my eyes and heart. When you think of me I want you to smile because I am the luckiest man in the world to have got to spend my life with you, you complete me and are the reason I am happy and have Piece of Mind, you are the reason I want to be a better person and I always want to grow. Because of you all I am complete. You will always have me on your team, and you will never be alone. Thankyou for being who you are because who you are is perfect never forget, I am proud of you and love you forever and ever. Sometimes may get tough, but you will get through it and you will have so many more happy times and experiences like we have already had. I could not imagine not being with you always and sharing so many more experiences with you all. I will be with you always in your hearts.
I want to Donate my Organs to anyone that needs them.
I want to be cremated with my ashes going to my wife and kids and Brother in containers of some sort.
Flat pieces of metal With engraved writing on it saying
Keep Smiling and Be Happy and Kind. I am Proud of you, and I am with you. Love always and forever. Alan William Ballard
For each one of my loved ones.
Closest funeral place in cask so good byes could be said then cremated
I don’t think this is the most talked about subject for many, have you thought about what you would like to do with your Organs when your gone. They could help a lot of people. Your organs could give life. If you wish to donate your organs make sure its known.

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