Where to start

Well it’s taken me a while to set this up, my new born is asleep in my arms and my son is going to catch the bus for the first time for high school, it sounds like it’s raining outside so maybe he will get a lift. My other daughter is watching tv, while my wife is getting there lunches ready. It’s my second day home from work, which I fly in and out off every week. I’m proud of my wife what she does to keep all going for all of us, and I know that I need to fit in to the routine which is hard sometimes. It is always hard to find that balance between work and home. my posts are going to be about real experiences I’ve been through and the journey’s I’ve had and the many more I’m going to have, through self growth and constant training my mind and body. I’m moving forward excited for the next journey, knowing anything is possible if you believe. Set goals and know where your going, Keep Smiling and enjoy the Journey.

18 thoughts on “Where to start

  1. Loved reading about your journey.
    We definitely can come out the otherside a better person, life can throw us curve balls and we can take wrong turns, but we can always get back on track with hard work and support.
    Very inspiring Mr Ballad 😍

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  2. Alan your are such an amazing person. We are all proud of the way you have shown true strength in all adversities. Very courageous to admit all your failings and triumphs.
    Keep up the good work .
    Lots of love from family in UK.

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  3. Oresome read bro 🤙 knowing you from the start of your journey with Amy and to the man you are now is so inspiring and is proof that hard work and determination really does pay off! Proud to be apart of it all mate.

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  4. Al, that was an awesome read, now I know what sort of journey life has thrown at you and I can fully appreciate the person that has come through the other end, mate you are an inspiration to everyone that is touched by your presence, your family, work colleagues and friends. Keep smiling and be happy has never had much of a meaning until now. Hugs all around 😊.

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