Being Away From Home

I always have an extra-long chat with the kids the night before I go, making sure I leave on a good note and they fall asleep knowing that I care, not just the night before but every night. The night before is restless, checking the alarm every hour to make sure its set. In the morning I get up and get myself ready trying not to wake anybody, I know my wife is awake because I am noisy haha. I give the kids a quick good bye and an I love you under my breath, give my wife a hug good bye & see you next week, get my things together and leave in the early hours to get to my flight. The airport is busy with lots of similar people doing the same as me. Seeing the same faces and having the same chats of what we had done with our families on break, always lights up the mood. Asking, how are you with the reply (living the dream) never gets old. Sit down in the airport next to a work mate getting focused for the long day ahead. I get off the plane and the suns up knowing the kids are just getting out of bed. My wife will have a busy day, doing all the things I wish I was there to help with. Push through the working day trying to get all things done. The day goes so fast when your busy. Getting back to my motel room for the week where I will stay, have a quick bite to eat and pick up my crib. Heading back to my room excited to chat to my family before bed. Honesty and trust is what’s needed to make it through. It’s a small price for me to pay, ending the phone call with I love you. Wanting to be with my family every second of the day. I’m proud of my wife for what she does when I’m not there, running the house and looking after the kids is a full time Job. Being away from home not the easiest thing to do. It’s a choice in life style that gives me a great deal of quality time home with my family, it gives me the ability to provide the best I can for them. It allows me to be able to see so many parts of their day when I’m on break. You need trust in actions and decisions from your partner while your away, you need to fit into the home life program without rocking the boat to much when you leave. There is no point in implementing a system if all parties are not on board with the decision. You must be supportive with your partner and have a clear stance on rules reinforcing the same direction. Working is easy if you have a goal in mind. Face timing the kids every night makes it easy to pass the time. I have worked out a few tricks to get them to talk to me and now they know to keep talking, not all the time but it’s better than the answers I used to get. For example: How was your day? Good. What did you do? Nothing. If I can’t get them talking, I ask. What was the best part of your day? What was the worst part of your day? Who were you kind to today? What was your funniest part of your day? How have you helped mum out today? They get excited for my return which is how I want it to stay. Special words of encouragement and honest answers are a must. Letting them talk and understanding their day, I now turn the TV off so I can listen. It’s all about the trust. The trust has been built up over the years by giving honest and real-life experiences without ridiculing their actions. If you yell and curse when they admit to you, they have done something wrong you will lose your honest chats. They will tell you what you want to hear which is sometimes not the truth. Just remember when you were you a kid, it’s your chance to set the culture to your children’s children. You may have had a similar experience when you were growing up. What do you want to be remembered for? Good honest constructive words are what you want to pass on. It doesn’t take long to be interested in their thoughts, while they are interested in yours. It’s always a bit lonely after I say good night to the kids and wife. While I’m away I must remember that she is going through it to, she also is lonely doing all that’s needed to get the kids ready for bed and everything else to keep a home going. After a long hard day at work you need to remember that it might not just be you that’s had a hard day. Work is full on and stressful but homelife can be also, it can wear you down without support. Always make time to talk about issues and solve them together, make sure your partner knows that she is not alone, and you are there to support her. I am proud knowing that my kids are safe and happy. Set goals together be it a holiday or be it something special to look forward to, have something in place to work towards, know why you are working. When it’s time to come home which is the best feeling. Fit into the schedule and try not to disrupt it too much like I do every now and then Ha ha. Life is good.

To those who know why they are working and who they are working for. Who get up every morning and work hard to provide for the people that matter to them, that would stop at nothing to rise above the odds and try their hardest to achieve goals of being in a better position than they were in yesterday, Who can wake up in the morning maybe not feeling like doing something but do it anyway. That have a drive to push through limitations and know that you will make it through. Putting one foot in front of another moving forward, there are many reasons to want to be better, find that reason and work your ass of for it. My reasons for wanting to be better every day is to prove to my kids, my wife and the people that have stood by me in my moments of weakness and to show them that effort gets you the reward. You get out of life what you put in. The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. It’s Those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular. So, start enjoying those little things in life, work out the steps in which you can take to achieve your future goal and enjoy the journey. You only fail if you quit, you only hit a target if you know what you’re aiming for. Anything you do in life you need a target, you need a plan a clearly defined goal, be it work, health, fitness, family. Things do change all the time and sometimes it’s not going to go your way, but if you have a plan and equip yourself with all the right tools, have a written work instruction and know what you’re end goal is you can accomplish anything.

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