Air leg Mining

A few years ago now I was fortunate enough to end up in a small mining town, it was one of the best moves I had done with my partner, it didn’t take long to get work, there is always work around if you’re willing to do anything. i didn’t have a dollar to my name. I went door to door on different mining companies one said they will call me tomorrow the next one said if you pass a drug test you can start today, So I did. I was working on the surface for a drilling company but wanted to work underground not only for the money but for the experience and roster. I met a man who asked me if I would play AFL for the local club, I said Ive never even watched a game but can play rugby. He said if I come down to training and play for the town, he would get me a start underground. True to his word 2 weeks later I got my first job underground. I got shown all the positions but I new what I wanted to be and it was an air leg miner knowing I had to earn my spot I went through the ranks until I became a scraper operator. We would have the morning meeting about what are jobs were for the day and all jump into a cattle truck to head underground, there were lots of hard working men that didn’t take any shit and told it how it was. Working underground for long periods by yourself gives you plenty of time to think. Ground conditions change all the time and you have to keep your wits about you, learning from the experienced miners what to look for. I Set goals and kept working hard and going the extra mile to achieve my position as an Air-Leg Miner It was good honest hard work and you got paid for what you did. I had many interesting chats underground about the secret to success and happiness, and it’s not a secret if you want anything in life you have to put in the work and work for it. You are always going to run into a few obstacles on your own road to success, it’s up to you how far you want to go and how much work you want to put in.

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