My first job

I was working weekends at the local supermarket while going through year 10 at school, during the school holidays I got a job digging holes for a drive way for a 5 Star Tour Bus Company they also owned a restaurant and a motel it was a well setup family run business, they offered me a job washing dishes in the evenings, I was always keen to make some extra cash so I jumped at the chance. It was a busy kitchen with 2 chefs cooking A la carte and lots of functions from the tour groups they would bring in. After a few nights of washing up i got talking to one of the chefs about taking on an apprentice, I told them how keen I was and the owners talked it over asking me to come in during the day for an interview. It was a close family business and they run 2 x 5 ⭐️ buses, a restaurant and a motel, breakfast lunch and dinners split shifts, they explained there expectations of me and I was more than happy to start my apprenticeship. It was a great family environment, I left school that year and started doing TAFE along with my apprenticeship. TAFE was in the next town so I would catch the train up to get there. It was a different environment working in a fast paced restaurant, meeting lots of interesting people. We worked hard and played hard. The operation worked very successfully, every body pitched in to make the place work. I got taught by some very skilled Chefs that would settle for nothing but the best, with high standards and good organisation. TAFE for me was hard having not paid enough attention in school I required lots of help with assignments and writing. As my career progressed, I had made myself a real good name with my cooking abilities and our restaurant was always very busy, things were going great at work I got my license and had an apprentice of my own. (who is now a qualified and very successful chef with his own business). When I wasn’t at work it was a different story, alcohol and bad decisions played a big part in getting me in trouble. Losing my licence for low range then again for high range I was making lots of bad choices, it was like i had 2 lives. One was a focused rising star Chef, the other was a rough kid on the street.

If you don’t deal with your demons they follow you wherever you go, mine exploding when fuel was added. Hurt people hurt people. You take on the traits of the people you hang around with. Whether it’s positive people that lift you up or whether it’s negative people you follow down a bad path. I was taught by my parents at a young age that manners make a man, and I knew right from wrong but due to a lot of reasons, I was making bad choices out of work Which I have no excuses for. There was a time that I felt that I had no choice but you always do have a choice for your actions.

What you surround yourself with is what you will become.

It is not enough to believe for a better life, we must work hard, make sacrifices and build a better life.

If you are in a position to teach someone on any level, teach them the way you want them to teach the next person. Culture starts from somewhere, what you do today will affect your future along with those around you.

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