Being away from home

It’s hard to know what’s best to do some times, what’s the right thing to do, my daughter has another check up tomorrow.

Wishing I could be there every step of the way.

knowing I have to work to do the best for my family.

Waking up early to get ready, trying not to wake anyone but still want to say goodbye, driving to the airport, flying out to site and heading underground all in a days work, excited to face time with my family at the end of the day, my only form of help are words as I can not be there in body until the following week. Seeing my wife who has been up most of the night just like the night before and still gets everything sorted with a smile.

When there are worries in any family it takes a strong family to be there for each other which I am grateful to be part off.

Keep smiling and be happy, enjoy the journey. Set goals and keep moving forward towards them.

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