I don’t want presents anymore only experiences, gifts of moments shared by family and friends.

The joy of becoming a better version of myself, growing in my circle of loved ones.

Sharing positive experiences that you look back and smile about, you have a choice to be part of any situation you want.

Making time for the people that matter in your life, the ones that want to be part of it moving forward with you, and letting go of the ones that don’t.

Enjoy the journey, don’t get caught up trying to get to the finish line of life, without taking in all there is to be a part of.

Family comes in all shapes and sizes, everyone that is part of mine I’m blessed humbled and thankful. We all may not see each other every day but we are never more than a phone call away. I look forward to every moment and experience we will have. keep smiling and be happy.

Being away from home

It’s hard to know what’s best to do some times, what’s the right thing to do, my daughter has another check up tomorrow.

Wishing I could be there every step of the way.

knowing I have to work to do the best for my family.

Waking up early to get ready, trying not to wake anyone but still want to say goodbye, driving to the airport, flying out to site and heading underground all in a days work, excited to face time with my family at the end of the day, my only form of help are words as I can not be there in body until the following week. Seeing my wife who has been up most of the night just like the night before and still gets everything sorted with a smile.

When there are worries in any family it takes a strong family to be there for each other which I am grateful to be part off.

Keep smiling and be happy, enjoy the journey. Set goals and keep moving forward towards them.


I had a humbling face time chat with my family last night talking about their day, I am looking forward to flying home to see them. My daughter had been out shopping with my wife and brought some gifts with her own money. As she showed me all the stuff she had brought, from tooth brushes tee shirts, shorts, teddies and books too wrap as a gift filled shoe box at the Good Samaritan Christmas Drive. Operation Christmas Child. I couldn’t help but be grateful we are in a small position to help we’re we can, although it may not be much in the big scheme of things, a small act of kindness goes along way. I know we are bringing our kids up the right way. It’s these little acts of kindness that cause a ripple effect that will hopefully put a smile on someone’s face at Christmas.

Be kind


Afternoon at the beach.
It’s cold but the kids are straight in.
First time for this little one.
Enjoying the sunset.
Very grateful for the time I get to spend with my family.

The most important thing you can give a child, isn’t something that can be brought with money. It’s the time you spend with them each and every day. Spend time with your kids not money. Money can’t buy lost time.

Make time

Sometimes I may take for granted individual quality time with my kids, there is my oldest son, we train together and I can relate to what he is going through, my first daughter who is 9 she helps out so much with her younger sister, and our newest member off the family who goes everywhere I go, I know my daughter knows that I love her, but that one on one time sometimes gets cut short attending to my 7 month old, and as much as she doesn’t say it, she would probably like being centre of attention once in a while.

Today we went for a bike ride, just us two. We played at a couple of parks then stopped in for a milkshake although I don’t carry her around as much anymore, she will always be my princess and loved unconditional, I just had to remind her today. Life is short make time for the ones that matter most. Nobody is too busy it’s just a matter of priorities.

Kokoda trip

I tried on my gear for my Kokoda trip early next year, my pack was 20kgs boots are comfy and I thought I would add a baby on the front. I headed to the beach towards the sand dunes, it was a beautiful day. The trash talk has already begun with my 2 best mates that are going on this trip with me, it’s great to have a laugh and trash talk each other about who is the fittest and who will need help carrying their gear, this is healthy banter between friends and we know each other really well. It’s only fun if all parties are having fun, if it upsets someone it’s not ok. be mindful of who you joke about.

I walked 6.2 kms my daughter slept the whole way, lots of back sweat but a good morning, we are looking forward to this trip and catching up once again, which is few and far between. Set some goals and work towards them.