Moving forward

I started my blog in order to share my story about what I’ve learned along the way. Everyone has a past and everyone can have a future for the positive, if you want to. I have had a few speeches so far in front of groups of 30 to 40 high school students and will be talking in front of more soon. I talk about where I am now, to where I was. The hurdles that I faced, and the ups and downs that life can throw. I don’t sugar coat my experiences, with honesty comes trust. I talk about social media, bullying and the best place to have a fight which is in a ring against someone who is in there for the same reason as you in a controlled environment. I talk about the people who film bullying or fights and allow open conversation about issues faced. I talk about future career and finishing high school as it helps in future jobs and areas to start if you don’t know what you want to be there are options like the military and mining and explain how to get a start. The purpose for all my story is in the hope that one person will take it on board and learn from it, sometimes bad things happen but it’s what you do after is what defines you. Sharing my story and so many I’ve read and the people I know about struggle and success I know I’m not alone and through hard work and moving forward anyone can enjoy the journey and find happiness. I will never give up because I know who is watching me.

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