Helping hands

I had been living in a small mining town for a couple of years. To get my start underground I started playing football, although I had not played AFL before I could play rugby so that helped a bit just not with the rules which I got picked up on through the first few years of my career haha. One of my first games, the atmosphere around the club was infectious, the crowd got right behind the team. After the game all the players, supporters and family’s Were having drinks at the club house, it was a good family environment. I started talking to a couple of lads that had been in town for a long time. I told them about the house I had bought and the repairs on the fence I was going to do the next day. They mentioned that they would be there to help in the morning. Me not thinking to much about it went home early to rest for the next day, that night and didn’t think I would receive any help. The very next morning in the early hours I had a knock at my door and these guys all dressed in work gear ready to work with me and give me a hand without a second thought. This act of kindness really showed me that there are some good people in this world, there word is there bond and actions speak louder than words. I will never forget all the help I have had through the years and have always tried to return a hand if anyone has asked. The smallest kind gesture can go along way.(that’s me at front giving my son a high five my number was 44 too)

Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.

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