Speaking engagement

It’s a great feeling being able to tell my journey. I have been lucky enough to tell my story a few times now to schools and groups, I explain were I am in my life, the path I have chosen to keep me putting one foot in front of the other. I talk about my past only for the fact that my journey is about moving forward, you may end up or go through some negative situations, life may get hard but you’re not alone, it does not dictate what you can and can’t do in your future. The topics I discuss are about future goals, career, social media, bullying and the consequences for all involved, leadership, effort and respect, I encourage feedback and draw from local information accessible from the school and community for assistance. I will be attending another high school soon talking to students in year 10,11,12. Talking in front of a younger crowd about certain topics always is nerve racking for me as I’m still improving my public speaking. If it helps just one other person in any of there decisions in life for the positive I feel like I have done what I set out to do, anyone at anytime can give, it’s about setting a positive culture and helping in any form, Leading by example, if you want respect show people what respect looks like by being respectful yourself. Smile, say hello, hold a door open, give up your seat if someone needs it, say thankyou. The smallest gestures can go a long way and have a ripple effect on this earth. Seeing and reading so many journeys from other people I’m not alone in this world and I thank everybody for their inspiration enjoy your own journey give something back when you can.

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