I had a humbling face time chat with my family last night talking about their day, I am looking forward to flying home to see them. My daughter had been out shopping with my wife and brought some gifts with her own money. As she showed me all the stuff she had brought, from tooth brushes tee shirts, shorts, teddies and books too wrap as a gift filled shoe box at the Good Samaritan Christmas Drive. Operation Christmas Child. I couldn’t help but be grateful we are in a small position to help we’re we can, although it may not be much in the big scheme of things, a small act of kindness goes along way. I know we are bringing our kids up the right way. It’s these little acts of kindness that cause a ripple effect that will hopefully put a smile on someone’s face at Christmas.

Be kind

4 thoughts on “Proud

  1. What a wonderful reminder.
    My kids are grown – but I had the joy of having family in my home after they went to our church’s Fall Festival.
    The great-grandkids were showing off their creative customs.

    Among the group: 1 son and his wife,
    2 granddaughters, (1 grandson in law)
    and 7 beautiful great-grandchildren.

    What a joyous occasion.

    I read your posts regularly, Alan.

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